Sweetiepie Restaurant is Permenantly Closed


It was the desserts that drew the crowds down to Sweetiepie in Greenwich Village although the hot pink tufted leather banquettes seen through the large front window was also attention grabbing. This was Sweetiepie's website for several years before closing in 2010.
Content is from the site's archived pages as well as from other outside sources.

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Sweetiepie Restaurant
19 Greenwich Ave (10th St & Greenwich Ave)
(212) 337-3333


It Looks Like Sweetiepie Has Come to a Bitter End


A week after Sweetiepie posted a note on its door informing passersby it had closed because of a fire, it looks like that wasn’t exactly the case. A now former employee of the Greenwich Avenue restaurant told Grub Street that it actually closed because of significant debts owed to vendors and laid off its employees, who are still owed a week’s pay. Some of those employees reportedly filed a complaint with the labor board on Monday.

Sweetiepie began life in 2008 as the vanity project of Luke and Julie Janklow, a disposably incomed couple who fretted that there were no child-friendly restaurants in their West Village neighborhood. And so they built a place where the mommy-and-me crowd could scarf down caviar omelets and $75 ice cream sundaes.

Alpha-matrons like Gwyneth Paltrow and Mary-Louise Parker frequented the place, which had a giant birdcage. In late June, Ryan Skeen was brought on board to consult on the menu, much as he had previously done at 5 & Diamond. And, just like at 5 & Diamond, it seems like things subsequently went south. There’s a possibility that Sweetiepie may reopen, but for the time being it’s choking down a very bitter pill.


Sweetiepie Restaurant NYC FACEBOOK POSTS

January 15, 2014
Hello adorables!!!! Please accept our sincere apologies for not responding sooner to the out pour of adorable touching inquiries .. The truth is that it was hard to face the realty that we were closing down indefinitely ... We had such a good time hosting all of you SWEETIEPIES we did not want to give up......But hey! It could happen again!.... ya never know :) Here's to magical spaces and over the top dreams xx

Sweetiepie Restaurant NYC
July 11, 2012 ·
Happy Summer SWEETIEPIES...
we are working on a new project, will let everyone know asap... SMooches.

Regina Phalange
 what happened with the new project...this use to be my favorite place in the world!

Sweetiepie Restaurant NYC
July 7, 2011 ·
Thank you to all the darlings who have emailed us with inquiries... We cant wait to see you again!!!!.. Its always lovley to hear from you... xxxxx

Elizabeth Clarke
Have you reopened? I popped by on my last visit in March and you were gone!!!!!




19 Greenwich Ave (between Christopher and 10th), New York, NY, 10014

Closed Mondays


"Sweetiepie is my favorite find for grown up/kid hybrid paradise" -Gwyneth Paltrow, GOOP
"If you were a perfumer, you'd want to bottle it, instead you can go to Sweetiepie" -Elle


Private Parties and Catering

Come celebrate at Sweetiepie. Private room. Catering. Special Occasion Cakes. Sweetiepig Ice Cream Sundaes. Entertainment. Party Favors. Decorations. Balloons. Full Bar.


Menu Highlights

Macaroni and Cheese

with american, sharp aged cheddar and parmesan. $15

LeRoy Salad

chopped with boston bibb lettuce, diced tomatoes, eggs, avocado, cheddar, beets, chicken, balsamic vinaigrette. $17

Spaghetti and Meatballs

vegetarian meatball option available. $18

Trio of Micro Cakes

orange, lemon and chocolate. $12

Candy S'creamer!

3 scoops of ice cream topped with a mountain of candy. $13


sponge cake, whipped cream, bananas, strawberries, 18 scoops of ice cream. $75


Yelp Reviews

Saba S. Manhattan, NY
5.0 star rating 9/17/2014
Im so depressed this store has closed it was soooo cute and it had a romantic baroque esque style to it which i loved and its so hard to find these days, the desserts were zoo yummy and i loved how i was able to have a cocktail while I took my baby sister and her friends out for her birthday a few years back. Im honestly very depressed hearing that its closed and would do anything for have it to be open again.


Michaela E.  Brooklyn, NY
4.0 star rating 5/5/2010
I think the key to Sweetiepie is to remember it is a place where 7 year old girls have Birthday parties... and if you want to have a great time too, just pretend you are one of them and order what ever you feel like as a treat.

I was in a group of 4 girls (of the grown up kind) who all thought 8pm was the perfect time for breakfast... we had eggs in a basket all round with a couple of sides... they do have asparagus and spinach etc... if you are not the chip loving kind. This was closely followed by a shake and a shot, may I recommend chocolate and kahlua...

Honestly, this is not really a date place, or for the serious lady who brunches... it's highly kitsch, good for girly gossip and giggles and a little sing-song if you want to join into 'it's your Birthday...' a couple of times.


Patti F. Saratoga, CA
4.0 star rating 6/10/2009
I was visiting NYC this past week, and a friend recommended Sweetiepie for desserts.  I came here expecting the usual cupcakes, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had other sweets, such as ice cream sundaes, fools, and mini cakes.  They also have regular food, but I didn't try any of it.

We had the dessert sampler, which came with a mini ice cream cone, mini cake with orange marmalade, and raspberry fool.  The cake and ice cream cone were alright, but the raspberry fool was delicious! 

I would recommend coming here mainly for the atmosphere and the experience.  I absolutely loved the decor--with bright pink chairs, a life-size bird cage that you can sit in, and mirrored walls and ceiling.  It's a great place to meet up with girlfriends or, like others have said, to have a girl's birthday party. 

5 stars for the unique atmosphere.  3 stars for the actual food.


Eszter H. Evanston, IL
2.0 star rating 5/5/2009
The place is cute, the food is pretty good, but the service is bad. I don't think I've ever had service this slow. Even the drinks took forever. Worse, the staff made several blunders that were simply not cool. 

We were there as part of bachelorette celebrations. We had surprises for our friend, but the staff couldn't keep anything quiet. They ruined the surprise and were inappropriate regarding the bill.

I'm pretty sure my friend enjoyed it, but if it wasn't for some such special occasion, I wouldn't bother with the attitude of the place.

If you make reservations, be sure to call the day of to make sure they have the details right!

I just wanted to update this review to note that the only people who seem to be giving this place five stars are people who have only reviewed this one place. Take note folks, I have a feeling those reviews are coming from the inside.


Nancy Y. Astoria, Queens, NY
3.0 star rating 2/9/2010
Us girls chose Sweetiepie for a brithday dinner mainly for its cute decor. But while the restaurant was cute enough, it was much smaller than photos of the place led us to believe.

Three of us arrived before the others and were seated right away at our reserved table. Our drinks were taken and that was the end of the prompt service for the night. We made several efforts to flag down our waitress to place our orders before she was finally at our table. For a restaurant of its size, service really should not be an issue.. especially since it did not appear that they were understaffed. Our food came quicker than I was expecting. But when one of us placed an additional order for another salad, we waited and waited some more.. for a SALAD..

The food was unimpressive. I had the wild asparagus risotto. But instead of being called an "asparagus risotto," they should consider renaming it the "sweet pea risotto," as the pea to asparagus ratio was probably 20:1. The creamed spinach looked like spinach thrown into a creamy/cheesy bath - pretty unappetizing. But on the other hand, the leroy salad and the tater tots were good. And while I did not get to try the grilled cheese sandwich, it did look good. The orange cake we shared for dessert was moist and looked like a mini wedding cake - very cute!

Overall, not bad. But I probably won't be coming back.


Art S. Brooklyn, NY
1.0 star rating 12/20/2009
Gosh - If a place could be given NO STARS, Sweetiepie would qualify! If it's saccharine sweetness you want, this is your place. Food wise - To say it is "mutton dressed up as lamb" would do the mutton a grave disrespect! This place is so inauthentic and cheap - although the prices are ridiculously HIGH. It's not a place for "little girls or old gay men" (as one review states)... It's for people who think anything with a high price tag equals quality, or someone who believes the pronouncements of those who start their sentences with - Daaarling..., or those who just don't know any better because they just don't go to good places.

I would NEVER bring my child here... we were seated in the rear room which doubled as a coat check for the people up front - so we got the full experience... the place brings to mind a creepy Hotel California with all the mirrors and candles in the front, then the back room with the strange wall murals inspired by kiddie stories and toys completes the "weird" vibe as though you have stepped into a kiddie porn studio - really, what's with all the mirrors! We were actually told that people pay $2,000 to have the backroom on a weekend. Who are these people - kiddie porn producers?

How did we get here???! So - we thought to give the place a first try because it's in our neighborhood. We made reservations and were told that morning that we were only one of two parties for the evening at that time. Imagine our surprise when we arrived on time and they decided to seat us in a back room that looked like what I described above -- with the coats of others. Okay, so they're busy... we can deal with it. But then food came...

We noticed the prices were high - fried chicken and mashed potatoes $20, but were hoping at least the food stood up to the prices. Supremely DISAPPOINTED! Over-fried chicken less than the size of a Swanson kid's dinner (the Swanson's would beat it hands down.), the hangar steak was tougher than cart-vending carne asada meat, the shrimp dish used the same sauce as the stuff the called lobster bisque... the sauce was good, but that's all and not worth $14. The mulled wine did not come with a glass - you had to drink it out of a pouring mug. The utensils appeared dirty and they gave us a salad fork instead of a dinner fork -- maybe it was meant for a kid??

The staff was friendly but inexperienced. I would say this place should stick to ice cream and not try to serve dinner food - BUT we felt so ripped off that we did not stay for dessert - likely would have been further disappointed. The CREEPY vibe was getting too much for us so we paid our bill and went out for a truly good dessert and coffees at Rocco's on Bleecker. Upon leaving I felt like the place could have had a creepy old man - like the pedophile from Family Guy - in the "Cage" saying something as scary as, "Come again, my Sweetiepies!"  RUUUNNNNN!!!!!


Brian S. Manhattan, New York, NY
4.0 star rating 12/2/2009
This is a good restaurant for little girls and gay old men.

It was not on my list of places to visit, mainly because of past Yelp reviews, but I was summoned there for the occasion of a most lovely six-year old girl's birthday. She plans on marrying my five-year old son and if we lived in Pakistan I'd be arranging that marriage right now.

We sat in the birdcage. Apparently this is high-demand real estate, like Dubai used to be.

The service was great. The waiter was quite friendly. No complaints there.

For cocktails the grown-ups opted for the Melon Mojito and Pomegranate Martini. Nice. The children had water. They have plenty of kid drinks on the menu including a variety of mocktails, but if the kids aren't asking for pricy beverages I'm not offering.

The soup of the day, Cream of Potato, was lovely. It had bacon in it and bacon makes the world a better place, albeit not for pigs.

For dinner folks had macaroni and cheese, peanut butter & jelly, grouper and a BLT. I had the risotto, which was marvelous. It had truffle oil in it and truffle oil can make a time-and-weather-ravaged bicycle seat taste delicious.

I enjoyed watching my son eat a peanut butter & jelly sandwich because to do so at school would result in a lockdown and/or evacuation. PB&J might not be the best dinner entrée but we have time to make up for it. The sandwich came with the crusts removed, because they understand children. For a side he had tater tots. Naturally I told my wife he had chicken fingers and string beans.

For dessert the kids split the Mini Sampler which included a wee ice cream cone, micro cake and non-venti pudding. This was delivered with the front-of-house staff putting their heart and soul into a rendition of "Happy Birthday." They did a much better job than I did when, as a busboy at El Torito, I was forced to sing a regrettable corporate version of the song that included several menu items.

I could see myself coming back here with kids and Harvey Fierstein.




Toddlers in Manhattan: Take Your Tots Here!

By Christine Coppa | January 26, 2009

For those of you new to Storked! (Hello!) Matt Logelin and his daughter Madeline are our friends from LA. I invited Matt to Glamour.com to share his story back in June 08 after a Storked! reader sent me a Myspace message about his blog. Matt's wife, Liz, died suddenly--27 hours after their daughter Madeline was born. Last week their story was featured in People magazine. As for the latest...
JD and I met Matt and Maddy at Sweetiepie in the west village. Why is Sweetiepie different from Jane, Gitane and Spring Street Natural (my all-time fav brunch places)? It's kid-friendly. So even though I've braved said places with my toddler-in-tow--Sweetiepie was created by parents (they speak my language). Like me, they too enjoy swank places like The Waverly Inn--but everyone else at places like this doesn't always like a feisty toddler in earshot and patrons aside, what's fun about brunching with your rents (or single mom) at such a grown-up place? Nothing.

Sweetiepie was designed for everyone. There is a huge bird cage in the front window with a table inside of it. JD and Maddy were mystified by the shiny-barred-in space. They also loved (and were seriously entertained) by the mini-helium balloons they were greeted with by owner, Mrs. Julie Janklow,  upon entering the pink, fairy-tale palace. But was it grown-up approved too? You bet. Matt and I enjoyed mimosas from the full-service bar while JD and Maddy shared a plate of better-than-your-mom's (sorry mom!) mac & cheese. The staff was friendly and accommodating. They whisked my stroller away before I could even fold it up and our waiter dressed in a crisp white shirt and black bow-tie engaged JD and Maddy whenever he crossed our table. The vibe was light-hearted and paced at our pace.

At one point JD had enough of his high chair so I popped him on the floor and he toured the restaurant with the manager, stopping to say "Ello!" to other children. The staff moved around him, no one rolled their eyes at the toddler babbling or clanking his silverware together. And this place is done-to-the-bone for kids. The bathroom door has a secret cutout--a mini door for little ones to step through, making "potty" an adventure--not a chore. The food was comforting (I chomped on steak salad), the desserts were inspiring and the atmosphere was a cross of a whimsical Soho House meets Alice in Wonderland for a tea party--where it's okay to make noise, drop food on the floor and press your warm little hands against the windowpane without feeling like you're about to be attacked by someone clenching a bottle of Windex. "It's a happy place," Mrs. Janklow said. Indeed. If you live in NYC or are visiting soon, you need to experience this...really good dream. It's JD and Maddy approved!

And, pssst, you don't need kids--to feel like a kid at Sweetiepie. Take your Valentine date there, even. *Hint, hint.*After brunch we strolled to West 18th and 5th where I contemplated turning us around five times.