About SweetiePieRestaurant

Our goals – Message

Brand quality does not have to be expensive. But the quality and good service have their price. On our website (SweetiePieRestaurant.com) you will find many articles not only from the well-known brands. Often we know alternatives from less known brands with very high quality, which are usually much cheaper than the original.

We test most of our articles first before we include them in our assortment. For this reason, we are convinced of them and can provide assistance with questions and problems.

Ecology – environmental protection

The conservation of resources and nature is very important to us. Therefore you will find almost only very durable articles. As far as possible, these are manufactured in the United State of American according to strict environmental criteria and should have relatively short transport routes. Unfortunately, this is not possible for all articles, but such articles are preferred for selection and purchase.

We cover the largest part of our electricity needs with renewable energies and reduce CO2 emissions through well-insulated buildings and a modern heating system.

Our Team

Judy R. Guerin – Founder of SweetiePieRestaurant

Most of our founders have been with us for many years. We can therefore fall back on comprehensive expert knowledge. Christina Stark, Judy R. Guerin, and Natalie J. Taylor make up the team for consulting in the field of the kitchen. All 3 of them have already worked in this field for many years.

Christina Stark and Judy R.Guerin are mainly responsible for the area of kitchen, home & living. Born in 1984, Judy R.Guerin practically grew up in her parents’ business. Judy R. Guerin has also over 10 years of experience in her field and worked as a Product Manager in some big Consumer Goods Companies like Nestle, Unilever, and Procter & Gamble Co. After training, sales, studies, and managerial activities throughout Germany and the USA, she created SweetiePieRestaurant since 2016.


There are countless wonderful occasions to celebrate. SweetiePieRestaurant offers the first-class service for private celebrations of all kinds. Whether wedding, birthday, anniversary, christening, communion, or confirmation – we are your reliable catering service and have been known for many years even beyond the borders of New York and its surroundings.

Whether classic buffet catering, finger food, course menus, street food or BBQ – we fulfill every wish and make your celebration an unforgettable event. Be it in the form of a rustic barbecue in a family circle or a typical American barbecue from our BBQ-Smokers – we would like to spoil you with all means of our culinary art.

Alternatively, SweetiePieRestaurant can serve you everything your heart desires, from finger food delicacies to complete menus or a classic buffet – vegetarian & vegan if desired.

SweetiePieRestaurant realizes your wishes with heart and soul and always have new ideas to make your private party something very special. With our all-round service, we also offer an exclusive wine accompaniment to each course with a starter, main course, and dessert. Of course, this also applies to non-alcoholic soft drinks, ice-cold long drinks, delicious cocktails, and fine champagne.

Customer testimonials

While my days of running around in all-pink ensembles and thinking candy = dinner are unfortunately over, I still love to indulge my inner child by visiting Sweetiepie in the West Village. With a mirrored, pink décor (imagine Barbie goes to Versailles) and a menu that will please the pickiest palettes, Sweetiepie is a great place to take anyone from the actually young to the young at heart for a delicious meal. My favorite: the teeny tiny ice cream cones, practically so bite-sized I’m tempted to order a second round!—Colleen Hagerty

Colleen Hagerty – From pagedaily.com

Last weekend, I smacked myself out of my post-fashion week meets post-midterm week daze and hurried over to Sweetie Pie on Greenwich Ave for a brunch hosted by Elle‘s fabulous creative director Joe Zee and NYC’s Fashion Laureate: Sarah Jessica Parker.

From fashionista.com