Air Fryer vs Toaster Oven – What’s The Best Way To Cook?

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Through time, I think I’ve generated posts tackling most, if not all of the burning problems about kitchen appliances. A number of those posts include Toaster Ovens vs Frequent Ovens, Convection Toaster Ovens by Toasters, Routine Ovens on Microwaves, and much more.

Well, now, we’re going to compare Air Fryer vs Toaster Oven – What’s The Best Way To Cook?. In reality, I’ve meant to make this post for some time now since I encounter comments like”that is just one outstanding toaster oven” thrown at air fryer versions all of the time.

Bearing this in mind, prior to getting to the main part of this article and differentiating the 2 appliances, let’s begin with creating a standardized foundation upon which we’ll build on. This is what’s going to help you definitely understand where all of the comparisons are all coming from.

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Are there any gaps between air fryers and toaster ovens?


Air fryers are countertop appliances whereas convection settings are made into full-sized ovens and toaster ovens. The countertop size enables air fryers and convection toaster ovens to warm fast. Additionally, it places the food closer to the heating components, which promotes food to cook faster. Some convection ovens and toaster ovens today include an air dispenser setting, also, as do certain pressure cookers and microwaves.


The warmth comes from the top in an air fryer, in regards to the top and underside in a convection oven. The top-down strategy style makes it increasingly concentrated and cooks food faster.

Processor positioning

The lover is situated on top of an air fryer, right under the heating section. In a convection oven, then it is found in the rear of the oven, either in the middle or on the other side.

Fan Dimensions and rate

Air fryer lovers are big and function faster than convection fans. 1 manufacturer confirmed the fan in their air fryer setting is 30% faster than their enthusiast on convection.


Air fryers are paired with a number of perforated accessories that allow for quick and even cooking with small flipping or tossing. They include air fryer baskets, racks, trays, spits for rotisseries, and skewers for kebabs. Little baking pans or tin cans also be set on racks, if wanted.

The Pros and Cons of an Air Fryer

Air Fryer vs Toaster Oven

Using the air fryer, you can not see inside. This may not be super significant, but being able to realize your food might help estimate doneness.

Air fryers are more rapid than a convection oven. Philips says its air fryer creates 65 decibels, which is about as loud as a vacuum cleaner.

An air fryer is more costly than a similar convection oven. A top air fryer may run $250, however, a 150 convection oven will cook more meals and much more varieties of meals (including toast)

Air fryers occupy less space. A convection oven will have to reside in your own countertop full-time, whereas an air fryer can go in a cabinet when you are not using it (even due to its elevation, it may not fit in each cabinet ).

Air fryer cleanup is harder. Having the air fryer, you’ve got the perforated basket to wash together with the bucket it fits in. If you are cooking something such as chicken wings, there’ll be a good deal of dripping. Having a convection oven, you simply wash out the pan.

The Drawbacks of an Air Fryer

Thus air fryers look to be a pretty good small kitchen appliance to get, particularly in the event that you like fried foods. But let us talk in further detail and especially point out a few of the drawbacks and pitfalls.

When using your air fryer, you can not test it as readily as possible using a convection oven. While a few house chefs are totally fine to place it and forget it, others have an inclination to track the doneness of the food to get it just perfect.

Air fryers are considerably louder than a convection oven, reaching 65 decibels or so, according to Philips. To give you a good idea, this is precisely the identical sound level of a vacuum cleaner. So, not just silent. But then again, a lot of kitchen appliances (blenders, by way of instance ) are loudly, also.

Cleaning air fryers requires some effort. You need to wash a perforated basket together with its bucket. And if you are cooking, let us say buffalo chicken wings, you are going to need to wash any drippings they leave behind, also. The convection oven is really a very clear winner here, as all you’ve got to do is wash the pan. For a much simpler cleaning effort to line the pan with aluminum foil.

Air Fryer Vs Toaster Oven | Do You Need It? 


Is an air fryer greater than the toaster oven?

Naturally, there’s absolutely not any way to inform each and each of you that kitchen appliances would be best for you. Everybody has their own needs, therefore it’s all your choice to see that each provides and decide on your own. A few people could prefer size, whereas others might prefer a pure price or even the sort of foods cooked in your own household!

Although I will let you know exactly what is best for me and. Living in Hong Kong, I have a tiny kitchen. Hence that the flexibility and simplicity of storage the air fryer brings is the best solution for me. I also cook’fried’ food in my home a whole lot greater than toasting.

So far as I can seethe the only reasons why someone would decide on a toaster oven within an air fryer is when they wish to spend less cash and should they mostly want to toast instead of fry food.

Is the air fryer fitter than a toaster oven?

I’m a nutritionist or a scientist so that I can not provide you any professional guidance. However, from my layman’s point of view, I think these two kitchen appliances are similar in regards to health. You may even assert that a toaster oven is healthy because it is possible to cook mostly without adding any oil. Whereas, for a great deal of food in the air fryer, it’s advised to spritz the surface with oil to allow it to get crispier.

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