Top 5 Best Fish Sauce in 2021

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In case you’re looking for the best fish sauce, you are in right place!

Every kitchen includes its own staples. More frequently than not, once you’re looking to pack taste into a dish, then the fish sauce is going to be among the initial ingredients you catch. This sort of sauce was a staple sauce in Asian cuisine for centuries, and it is now appreciated by people from various cultures all around the world.

There are hundreds of fish sauces on the market, all different in their own ways. Knowing what the best fish sauce would be to buy could be challenging, so we’ve made a manual about the best fish sauces on the market. We are going to explain what makes all those fish sauces stand out, and we included a buyer’s guide in the end.

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Top 5 Best Fish Sauce in 2020

Bestseller No. 1
SaleBestseller No. 3
Lucky Brand Thai Fish Sauce (1)
Lucky Brand Thai Fish Sauce (1)
Lucky Brand Thai Fish Sauce 23 Fl. oz.; No MSG Added.; Ingredients: Anchovy Extract, Salt, Sugar, Water.
Bestseller No. 5
Haku Iwashi Whiskey Barrel Aged Fish Sauce (375 ml)
Haku Iwashi Whiskey Barrel Aged Fish Sauce (375 ml)
Iwashi is a very fatty anchovy, much different than the Mediterranean or Thai.; Iwashi Fish Sauce is coveted by Japanese professional chefs and chefs worldwide.

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#1, Thai Kitchen Gluten Free Premium

Thai Kitchen Gluten Free Premium Fish Sauce, 6.76 fl oz (Pack of 12)
  • Premium Fish Sauce carefully crafted from the pressing of salted anchovies
  • Gluten free
  • Made with sea salt
  • Use as a seasoning or in place of soy sauce or salt to add a savory taste to any dish
  • DID YOU KNOW? Our Fish Sauce blends perfectly with the sweet and spicy flavors of authentic Thai dishes

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Thai Kitchen is a brand that most of us are acquainted with since it is located in several grocery shops in North America. The business utilizes salted anchovies which are carefully pressed. This Thai sauce includes a particular savory flavor that’s specific to Thai cuisine.

In addition to pressed salted anchovies, the Thai Kitchen Gluten Free Premium additionally contains sugar and water. The sugar provides a whole other dimension to the tastes. Because of this extra sweetness in the sugars, this sauce is widely utilized in sweet and hot Thai dishes. It will help balance the spice out.

As its name implies the Thai Kitchen Premium is gluten-free and may be utilized in replacement of soy sauce for most recipes. 1 tablespoon of the sauce contains 2 g of protein.

#2, Red Boat 40°N

Red Boat Fish Sauce, 17 fl oz
  • JUST TWO INGREDIENTS: We use only sea salt and black anchovies caught off of the crystal clear waters of Vietnam’s Phú Quốc archipelago
  • 100% PURE FLAVOR: Our first press fish sauce is first press and 40N, which means that it has high protein content (more fish = more flavor)
  • FERMENTED FOR A YEAR: Anchovies and sea salt are slowly fermented in carefully selected wooden barrel for a year in Vietnam using a centuries-old fermentation tradition
  • FAMILY OWNED: Our founder, Cuong Pham, started Red Boat because he couldn't find a fish sauce that tasted like home in the US. Over a decade later, the brand is still family owned and run.
  • EFFORTLESSLY ADD UMAMI: Use in sauces, marinades, dressings, soups, broths & stocks, fried rice, and vegetables.

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Red Boat 40°N only happened to be at the conclusion of all of the various sauces we believed (blind). We immediately agreed that this was easily the best so far. The flavor is fish and salt, using a slightly sweet finish. It had been remarked”This is exactly what fish sauce should taste like.” There is currently a Great Deal of buzz around Red Boat. I will confess, I was doubtful. In the conclusion Red Boat was the obvious winner.

Red Boat was among the first brands I have understood to announce Degrees N. (40°N, 50°N, etc.). This can be a standard to assess the amount of grams of nitrogen per liter of fish sauce, which directly relates to the protein amount. According to Red Boat”The maximum grade fish sauces are more than 30°N, together with the taste becoming more rich and complicated with bigger N designation.”

#3, Golden Boy Brand

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For people who like a powerful and salty fish sauce, Golden Boy Brand Fish Sauce is the best fish sauce we urge for you. It is considerably”tastier” compared to the vast majority of the other producers on the market, but it is a”strong”odor that becomes”fishy” afterward.

But despite its smell, its taste is somewhat”sweet and sour”. We understand it as a little milder than the Tiparos brand which we don’t include. Apart from that, moreover, it’s a fairly appealing” lightly golden”colour, and it is considered as a”gourmet fish sauce,” that you may utilize to”intensify” the flavor of your own recipe. It’s possible to utilize it best on Thai and Vietnamese desserts, however, do not hesitate to experiment with different dishes that call for a dab of”strong and”brewed taste.

#4, BLis Barrel Aged Fish Sauce

BLiS Barrel Aged Fish Sauce, 200 ml Bottle
  • 200ml
  • Use it as a finishing sauce, a marinade, a salad dressing, or anytime you want a touch of rich barrel aged umami.

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This fish sauce is stored and aged inside a charred barrel for as long as 7 months. This manner of fermentation enables the fish sauce to become wealthier and taste much better. It’s possible to imagine Red Boat premium fish sauce tastes becoming a bit more powerful day by day although it’s stored inside the barrels in quite a while.

Why is it among the best fish sauce is its own”wealthy”,”peaty”, and”smoky flavor”. Additionally, it tastes fresh, light, and lively which places a massive difference compared to using other fish sauce brands. Between the smoke and wood out of bourbon barrels, the hint of sweetness out of walnut, BLis turns into a deeply nuanced and rich-tasting condiment. It’s an identical note together with classic Vietnamese nuoc cham and many others such as vinaigrette and aioli.

Exactly like the Viet Huong Flying Lion, BLis Barrel Aged Fish Sauce has a moderate level of saltiness with Anchovies and sea salt because of its main ingredients. It’s best to use in cooking a good beef since it provides a tiny smoky flavor that may bring out an excellent taste of umami. This is much more particular than Red Boat since it provides an extremely lavish taste. Some ways that you can utilize you’re for making Fish Sauce Caramel, Pok Pok Fish sauce chicken wings, and Grilled Rib Eyes with Mushrooms and Fish Sauce.

#5, Chung-jung-one Premium Anchovy Fish Sauce Gold

Premium Anchovy Fish Sauce Gold (Small 1.1 lb) By Chung-jung-one
  • Great for making all types of KimchiGood substitute for salt or soy sauce in braising, stir-frying and making stews

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Korean anchovies and salt are the only two things in Chung-Jung-one Premium Anchovy Fish Sauce Gold. Knowing that which makes it more of a joy to delight in the rich, complex tastes that fish sauce brings.

Without additives and flavor enhancers, all you get is exactly what top-quality fish sauce should taste just like — salty, sweet, and yummy umami. The manufacturer suggests it is a good pick if you’re making any kimchi. We discovered that it pairs nicely with stir-frys, in addition to, stews and is still a must-have to the following braised dish.

Like most other good excellent fish sauces, in addition, it makes a superb substitute for soy sauce, if you’re out of that particular condiment or merely feels in the mood to get a brand new (amazing ) flavor!

Buyer’s Guide

What is Fish Sauce?
Odds are if you are reading this you know what fish sauce is, however, we needed to provide a little more information about it.
Therefore the fundamental definition of the kind of sauce is fish (mainly anchovies) blended with sea salt (possibly other ingredients like sugar) which is fermented for at least a year. The remaining liquid is known as fish sauce. Fish sauce features a different name in every Asian civilization.

In Thailand, it is called nam pla. In the Philippines, it is called patis. In Vietnam, it is called nuoc mam. In Korea, it is called aek jeot. It is considered that fish sauce arrived before soy sauce. Fish and meats would be the primary foods to be fermented with the Chinese people. Following that, soy beans were introduced and soy sauce was made.

How to Determine the Best Tasting Fish Sauce

With numerous fish sauces on the market, it can be tough to pinpoint exactly what brand has the best taste. Here are some pointers to consider when deciding what sauce tastes best:

  • The only ingredients that you need to have the ability to flavor are fish and sea salt. This can help determine how”pure” the fish sauce is.
  • Fish ought to be the main taste that you flavor, followed by salt. It should not be another way around.
  • The fish ought to taste like they have been out of the sea, they should not be too”fishy” and the odor should not be overwhelmingly off-putting.
  • It should not be overly sweet. Some sweetness is fine, and a few sauces will be obviously sweet out of the anchovies themselves.

What to Consider When Shopping For this Sauce

Odds are, the initial sauce you attempt will not be your preferred. It may take trying a few to find one that you truly love. Everybody’s taste buds are different, so it is a really personal choice.

Some people enjoy their sauce candy, others enjoy it fishy, something such as the fishy smelling odor others do not. Some enjoy their sauce very sour, others such as undertone tastes like smoke or walnut. Below are a few things to consider when finding out exactly what fish sauce is ideal for you.

Read the nutritional label and ingredients
In case you’re looking for a true standard fish sauce, it must just have 2 ingredients (salt and fish). Occasionally it could say”fish infusion” or even”anchovy infusion” and that is still just as good. Attempt to look if it is made from a single kind of fish, or even multiple. Each of the best fish sauces will probably simply be produced from a single kind of fish. The most typical one is anchovy, however, mackerel and shad fishes are common also.

Attempt to steer clear of sauces that have additional preservatives and unneeded ingredients in them. Adding additives could make the process of making fish sauce finish quicker, but it simply will not taste exactly the same.

Check the nitrogen content
It is possible to tell just how much nitrogen a fish sauce gets by the amount of levels N it’s. Not many fish sauce bottles include their own nitrogen content, but if you really do see a jar stating degrees N it is almost always a good sign.

The nitrogen indicates how much protein a fish sauce has. The higher the protein content, the greater tasting it will be. 30°N is the norm for fish sauce, however, high-quality brands of fish sauce are 40°N as well as 50°N. The greater the nitrogen content, the greater the cost will probably be. Even if it’s only a couple of dollars more, it is definitely worthwhile for the greater quality.

Inspect the color
Most fish sauces have various colors and colours. Some are mild and translucent, others are darker and thicker. The colour actually will help inform you what the weather has been like during the invention of the sauce.

When the fish sauce has been subjected to plenty of bright sunshine whereas the salt was being eliminated from the fish infusion, it’s going to have a general lighter shade. When there was not as much sun and it had been a longer process removing the salt from the fish infusion, the sauce would be darker in shade. It is going to also have a more complicated and deeper taste.
Occasionally you’ll find muddy fish sauce, also this is not a terrible thing. It normally suggests that the protein content in that sauce is really large. If it comes down to it, there’s absolutely no incorrect colour that sauce ought to be.

In case you’re looking for a sauce using a profound and complex taste, try a darker sauce. If you would like to try out a jar that is not overwhelmingly robust and much more subtle, then try a lighter colored sauce.

Smell the sauce before you use it
Clearly, this is not something that you can do until after you obtain the fish sauce. The odor usually indicates is that the sauce is good or not. There’ll most likely be a distinguishable fish odor, but it should not smell bad.
Sauces with additives generally will odor less than those created by hand. In reference to the colour of the sauce, the lighter colored fish sauces are often less smelly since they have been in the sun more.

Finally, taste it
Here is actually the final step in picking your favourite sauce. Good sauce will taste like fish, not just like salt. The salt taste will come following the fish taste, together with the sweetness when it’s any. Good sauce will not taste bitter in any way. Your tastebuds will provide you a clearer idea of the sodium content compared to the nutrition label. Some will have an excessive amount of salt, not enough, but the ideal sauce is going to have the perfect balance of salt.

Fish Sauce FAQs

Is fish sauce supposed to stink?

It’s the origin of our civilization and cuisine. The sea fishfish, and sea salt” Fish Sauce have a reputation for being smelling bad. … Commercial Fish Sauce stinks since it uses anchovy extracts”.

What can I use instead of fish sauce in pad thai?

Lots of recipes involve utilizing soy sauce or tamari instead of the fish sauce to maintain this pad Thai saltiness, but you eliminate the wonderful undertone of earthiness.

Can I use hoisin sauce instead of fish sauce?

The three are not synonymous in any way. Fish sauce is much more of a condiment, such as soy sauce. It’s extremely salty; however, it has a powerful “stinky fish” odor, unlike soy. A little goes a very long way. Therefore a 1:1 substitution using Hoisin or even Oyster would be quite funky.


We expect this listing of our favourite fish sauces provide you some insight into the intricate world of fish sauces. We included a huge array of fish sauces so there could be something for everybody, since we understand that all tastebuds are distinct.
We expect this article also instructed you about the process of how fish sauce is created. By now you ought to be a professional on what to be aware of. Now that you’ve got all of this information, all that is left to do is try them on your own!

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