Top 9 Best Places To Eat in Hilton Head in 2021

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Hilton Head Island is surrounded by picturesque sounds, creeks, and the Atlantic Ocean, so there are loads of waterfront dining areas to select from. Hilton Head Island is famous for excellent restaurants, white-tablecloth bistros, and high-end dining table. But should you would like to go where the locals eat – to the costs, but mostly because of the meals – you have to venture a little off the beaten path.

To assist you to decide on the Best Restaurants Hilton Head in 2020, we have assembled this listing of restaurants offering many different waterfront dining and drinking experiences, from marina and marsh views to locations right on the sea.

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Top 9 Best Places To Eat in Hilton Head in 2020

#1 – Hudson’s Seafood House

Hudson’s Seafood House on the Docks is currently at 1 Hudson Rd. from Squire Pope Road at the north end of this island. Popular with locals and tourists, it’s situated on Skull Creek in a former fish processing home. Fishing boats still dock at Hudson’s, and the restaurant serves up fish from local waters together with waterfront views.

View a fish boat slide until the pier from the outside deck which also provides viewpoints down the Intracoastal Waterway all the way into the Hilton Head Island bridges. Hudson’s serves lunch, dinner, and a Sunday brunch. Phone: 843-681-2772.

The sun sets across the deck in Hudson’s Seafood House on the Docks. Mandy Matney

Old Oyster Factory is situated mid-island in 101 Marshland Rd.. This popular restaurant sits on the website of a former oyster cannery and features fresh seafood and steaks. It was voted among those”Top 100 Scenic View Restaurants” by Open Table in 2016. It features panoramic views of Broad Creek from the inside and outside. Outside, there’s seating on a personal dock on the creek. Open for dinner every day. Phone: 843-681-6040.

#2 – Kenny B’s Cajun Seafood Hut

  • Address: 70 Pope Ave., Hilton Head Island
  • Phone: 843-785-3315

Kenny Ballard was an executive chef to the New Orleans Superdome in 1995 when he chose to return to Hilton Head (where he had lived in the 1980s) to continue his culinary profession. “I kept trying to find a location like Hilton Head and finally figured I might too go there,” he explained.

Following two years in Sea Pines Resort, he returned to the Big Easy before coming back in 1999 to start his own location. “I’m my very own chef, manager, and taxation accountant,” he explained. Using its décor of Mardi Gras and Georgia Bulldogs (Kenny, a Miami, O., graduate, stated only that”I inherited among those Dawgs”), Kenny B is a neighborhood favorite: a tiny slot adjoining a Bi-Lo, together with outside tables along with a monopoly on Cajun meals on Hilton Head.

Ballard’s “true Cajun” gumbo, crawfish or shrimp etouffee, and barbecued shrimp. “I thought if you are opening a Hilton Head restaurant, then do something different. Cajun is exactly what I do otherwise.” He does it quite well.

#3 – Alexander’s Seafood Restaurant and Wine Bar

For a tasty and distinctive meal after a busy day touring Hilton Head Island, see Alexander. Whether you’re in the mood for fish, beef, or anything, Alexander’s is a wonderful location for dinner. Their dining area is situated alongside a lagoon so you can observe birds fish and property during your meal.
Useful Information

  • Address: 76 Queens Folly Road, Hilton Head Island
  • More Info: Phone ahead for booking
  • Opening hour daily 5 pm-10 pm
  • Phone: +1 843 785 4999
  • Site:

#4 – Lucky Rooster

Among Hilton’s Head’s hottest places, the Lucky Rooster is the best choice for date night, if you are just getting to know somebody, or you are leaving the kids with the babysitter. The Lucky Rooster’s décor is intimate without being stuffy (you’re able to draw on the paper tablecloth) and also the farm-to-table cuisine is both inventive and ever-changing. For some whimsy, make certain to purchase one of the tasty tiki cocktails.

#5 – Coco’s on the Beach

Phone: 843-842-2626.

Coco’s on the Beach, situated in the Hilton Head Resort, 663 William Hilton Parkway. This could be Hilton Head’s most out-of-the-way shore dining area, which explains precisely why its site says”finding us is half of the fun.” Parking in the hotel costs $5, however, clients showing proof is going to get a $5 charge on their invoice, the web site says.

Getting there nonetheless takes a small stroll, as Coco’s is in the end of the hotel’s boardwalk crossing the panoramic marsh of this Folly tidal creek. Coco’s is also reached from the shore, just south west of the Singleton Area development at town shore markers 94A. The pub and grill have a distinct hideaway setting, and clients will see the surf — or even the activity on the sand volleyball court. The menu features many different burgers and hot dogs in addition to crab cake and fish sandwiches.

#6 – Skull Creek Boathouse

What’s it: In Skull Creek Boathouse, you may either sit from the sushi bar and consume raw oysters, sashimi and ceviche, or dine outside by the Buoy Bar and take in the incredible view of the water.

Why go: This is among the best places to see in summer time, particularly during beer garden season. Whether you stop by for lunch or dinner, the menu will enthrall you with tasty choices which include mussels, sandwiches, tacos and salad.

Cost: Blowout

#7 – Alfred’s Restaurant

Restaurant in Hilton Head
Restaurant in Hilton Head
  • Address: 807 William Hilton Parkway, Hilton Head, SC 29928
  • Phone: 843-341-3117

Chef Heath Prosser has more than 30 decades of expertise in International Cuisines and coupling that with all the recipes in the original chef, Alfred Kettering Alfred’s Restaurant is guaranteed to delight the loyal guests in the previous 12 decades, and any fresh guests fortunate enough to find this hidden jewel. Daily soup and entrée specials can be found in addition to this menu so that you are certain to find a mouthwatering meal of European and German cuisine sure to delight your palate. With Chef’s spouse Linda and longstanding Maitre d’ Guillermo serving your meal together with Italian beers and fine wines, your dining experience will be one to remember!

#8 – Marley’s Island Grille

  • Address: 35 Office Park Rd, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
  • Phone: 843-686-5800

In Marley’s Island Grille, we’re dedicated to serving only the freshest mesquite-grilled fish and steaks using a Caribbean flair, our menu offers a huge array of meals for the entire family. Enjoy our recently enlarged grilled and fried seafood alternatives and do not forget our tropical and frozen libations. Offering seasonal live music, outdoor terrace dining, a complete bar, and a few amazing island-inspired specialties. Begin your meal with a joyful hour our entire bar offers refreshing margaritas, mojitos, or our house-made sangria.

Try our specialties such as Supa Dupa Groupa, She Crab Chowder, Sugar Cane Sea Scallops, Hawaiian Marinated Ribeye, Voodoo Spiced Swordfish and Steamed Shellfish.

We function ancient dining seven days per week out of 4 PM-5:30 PM, Happy Hour in the pub 4 PM-7 PM, and dinner from 4 PM till 10 PM.

#9 – Old Oyster Factory

What is it: A unassuming fish shack that overlooks Broad Creek. The eatery’s title is an homage to the history of the region, an oyster harvesting place from 1925 throughout the 1990s.

Why go: If you absolutely love oysters, you may consider this your paradise. And when you are not especially crazy about these, you will still enjoy just two of the restaurant’s signature dishes: the broiled dayboat scallops as well as the sea bass, make certain to delight your taste buds.

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What is Delicious in Hilton Head?

Lowcountry boil on picnic table

We are suckers for shellfish in the Lowcountry. And with this abundance around us, it’s simple to acquire to see why. Atlantic oysters are among five kinds of oysters harvested in the U.S. and could be located in neighboring creeks and wetlands. The taste profile of Atlantic oysters is briny and flavorful, with a crisp feel –ideal for pairing with a glass of light-bodied, dry white wine. Varieties such as Blue Point, Baritaria Blade, and Wellfleet are only a couple of our regional favorites.

Shrimp is interchangeable with this portion of the nation. A pillar of the South Carolina economy and food culture, shrimp are available on almost every menu around the Isle. Local fishermen and individuals haul in between one and two million pounds of those crustaceans every calendar year, and due to sustainable initiatives and clinics, the long-term wellbeing of the coastal environment remains protected from overfishing. Brown and white shrimp are common in South Carolina, using brown shrimp being firm and small, while white shrimp are somewhat bigger and much more tender. Their taste is similar, with all the brownish variety having a more assertive shrimp flavor. For stews and gumbos, brown shrimp hold up better, and in case you are having a good old fashioned Lowcountry Boil white shrimp would be the best way to go.

You can not depart Hilton Head without trying our famous Atlantic Blue Crab. While strolling along salt marshes and tidal creeks, you will probably see little buoys marking crab baskets –the keyway of harvesting. When these pots could be fished out of year-round, there are a number of limitations on the crab’s fishermen could keep. Crabs with cubes measuring less than five inches round and females with eggs have to be returned into the water. Soon after these cerulean beauties drop their outer shell, then they are removed in the water and are prepared to be served. Want to acquire hands-on? Stop by the Coastal Discovery Museum to learn about the entire life cycle and significance of the blue crab, then grab, cook, select, and taste for yourself.

If it comes to fish, we are very spoiled for choice. In our near-shore waters (5-22 miles from the shore ) are home to many, redfish, triggerfish, grouper, snapper, flounder, and much more. Much like the well-known grouper, neighborhood triggerfish includes a firm, white flesh and a mild taste that are the perfect canvas for distinctive culinary inventions. You’ll find it at lots of Island restaurants, also in the event that you want to try your hands at cooking yourself, it is frequently on the ice at local fishmongers. Brilliantly hued red snapper is among the most sought-after catches around, and due to concerted conservation efforts, 2018 has been the best time for this in years. Red snapper certainly results in a fantastic photo op on the water. Read our regional fishing charters and throw away!

Further out to sea, the water gets cooler and the fish get larger. Mahi-Mahi, blackfin and yellowfin tuna, wahoo, sea bass, and tilefish could find their way on your line if you are out fishing, and when you are on land, they will certainly feature in your plate.
When It Is Freshest

Warm waters round the Island make for yearlong seasons to get some fish, and prolonged seasons for others. For oysters, peak season is autumn through winter. Ever listen to the adage that oysters must just be consumed in during months which contain the letter”R”? Shuck it. Provided that they are fresh, they are good to go! Oysters are only more meaty in the winter months. Shrimp season is out of May/June during October–and will last much longer if the weather remains warm.

Snapper season could be rather short and is ordered from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. In 2018 the window for recreational snapper fishing only a couple of days in August, and industrial fishing were permitted between August and December. To get a more sustainable option to snap, we propose local triggerfish or grouper to get a similar taste profile. Do not forget to pick up your fishing permit if you are going it alone!

In addition to blue crab, clams, sea bass, and swordfish are fished annually, so you’re going to find them on menus all over the Island. When dining on Hilton Head, don’t hesitate to ask your server what’s just come in off the boat, there is always something new to find!

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of restaurants are in Hilton Head Island?

250 restaurants

With over 250 restaurants around the Island, there is a menu for each culinary taste, from traditional Southern cuisine to the Mediterranean, Italian, French, Irish and outside. From neighborhood seafood to top-grade steaks, we are certain that you’ll find over a few places to meet your culinary cravings.

How much is Savannah GA out of Hilton Head SC?

20 miles

A gorgeous island hotel off the southern end of South Carolina, Hilton Head Island is only 20 kilometers north of Savannah, Georgia and 95 miles south of Charleston.

Why Is Hilton Head pricey?

You should aim to invest approximately $235 per day on your vacation in Hilton Head Island, that’s the typical daily cost dependent on the costs of different people. Additionally, the ordinary hotel cost in Hilton Head Island for a couple is $144. Therefore, a visit to Hilton Head Island for 2 people for one-week prices normally $3,293.

What section of Hilton Head is best?

3 of the Best Places to Stay in Hilton Head

North Forest Beach. In terms of entertainment, North Forest Beach is your go-to location! …
South Forest Beach. Nestled between Coligny Plaza and Sea Pines Plantation, South Forest Beach is a one-mile stretch of picturesque shoreline. Sea Pines.

Why Is Hilton Head snobby?

Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head positions as the second snobbiest area in South Carolina. And it is so snobby, it really has a moat around itself to maintain the frequent folk outside. In Reality, You Have to pass the snobby tourist exam in order to gain entry.

What’s the best time of year to go to Hilton Head?

The best time to See Hilton Head will be April and May in Addition to September and October. Spring and autumn provide fewer crowds and reduced lodging prices all of the while maintaining temperatures which are nevertheless beach-friendly. Summer is also a excellent time to see the island, since the weather is ideal for swimming in the sea.


There are lots of delicious restaurants around Hilton Head Island, which means you may have difficulty narrowing down all your amazing options or at which you need to consume. Please read our review and attempt these 9 restaurants in Hilton Head and reserve your lodging

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