Top 5 Best Refrigerator Under 1500 in 2021

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You’re in the quest of their best fridge, along with your search engine indicates you this site. We have been reviewing appliances and other products for quite a while. You may assess the best Buyer’s Guide here. If you wished to get a fridge, then 1500$ is sufficient to fulfil your wants. In this listing, we’ll let you know about these fridges which will have a price tag equal to or less than 1500 dollars.

Before we advise you about Best Refrigerator Under 1500, let’s inform you about the kinds of refrigerators to your better understanding of what you are going to want and what you need to purchase.

This list is devoted to the best fridge under 1500$. So, let us begin.

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Top 5 Best Refrigerator Under 1500 in 2020

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#1 – Haier HRF15N3AGS

Haier 15-Cu.-Ft. French-Door Refrigerator 28" width Stainless Steel HRF15N3AGS
  • Electronic temperature controls allow for precise temperature settings in one-degree increments
  • Adjustable glass shelves provide a stable platform while allowing light to go through and provide illumination throughout the bottom. You can rearrange or remove them for flexible storage or easy clean-up
  • Provides an extra boost of cold air to rapidly cool both fresh food and freezer compartments

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Can you adore the look and performance of French-door refrigerators but do not have the room to really match one in your kitchen? We’ve got only the refrigerator for you: the Haier HRF15N3AGS. This refrigerator is considerably thinner and more expensive than most French-door fridges; while this usually means you’re going to have the ability to match it in a more compact kitchen, which means you’re going to have the ability to matchless food in the refrigerator in the first location.

As it is compact, the refrigerator itself is fairly bare-bones. There is no ice maker or water dispenser, and the shelves are not very adjustable. The cooling with this refrigerator is top-notch, however, and it readily maintained refrigerator and freezer temperatures of 37°F and 0°F during our week of testing. If you do not require a great deal of additional features and need to make the most of a rather compact kitchen, the more Haier HRF15N3AGS compact French-door refrigerator is a superb choice.

  • Slimmer profile to get non-standard cutouts
  • Consistent fridge temperatures
  • No through-door water or ice dispensers
  • Limited shelf adjustability

#2 – LG LBNC15231V Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Our first choice for the best fridge under 1500 dollars is your LG LBNC15231V Bottom Freezer Refrigerator. LG is a well-known and reliable manufacturer that’s engaged in digital products. This fridge has a 14.7 cu foot of fridge capacity and 4.7 cu feet of freezer capacity which is going to be sufficient to be used in the house.

It’s a multi-air circulation system that’s intended to maintain the temperature in addition to humidity to keep food clean. Plus, the has another remarkable quality that’s Door Cooling Plus. This attribute gives a constant source of cold air to keep door contents clean.

LG LBNC15231V Bottom Freezer Refrigerator is your best option in the event that you wished to keep your food fresh for quite a very long moment. It’s a durable stainless body that will last longer and has premium LED lights in it. This product has a good deal additional features too.

Key features

  • 14.7 cu feet of fridge capacity
  • 4.7 cu feet of freezer capacity
  • Multi-air flow method
  • Door Cooling Plus
  • Premium LED lights
  • Linear Compressor
  • Durable

#3 – Frigidaire — FFTR1814TS

FRIGIDAIRE FFTR1821TS 30 Inch Freestanding Top Freezer Refrigerator with 18 cu. ft. Total Capacity, in Stainless Steel
  • Total (cu. Ft.): 18 / Fridge: 14.1 / Freezer: 3.9
  • 2 Full-width Sliding Glass Shelves
  • 2 Humidity Controlled Crisper Drawers
  • Dimensions (WHD): 30 X 66.1 X 29.9 in.

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Frigidaire’s refrigerator is definitely quite large on storage. The ample spacing it provides keeps a number of food items and drinks fresh and cool for a longer time period.

Construction: Frigidaire is a leading mount refrigerator with a freestanding design. It has an whole possibility of 18.1 cubic feet, in which the freezer contains four feet, and the refrigerator includes 14.1 cubic feet, making it ample enough to maintain anything you throw in it.

It features a dairy bin, two crisper drawers, three cabinets like a toaster door shelf, two racks, and inside lighting. In the freezer, you will find two shelves round the doorway, and it is only 1 stand alone. Moreover, the refrigerator’s doors are reversible so you change the route of the swing of the door whichever way you would like, either left or right.

Function: This refrigerator will look good wherever you set it in your kitchen. In any instance, the elastic, reversible doors provide greater simplicity since you are able to set the machine in which you need without being detract from the managing of the swing of the doors. At any moment you open this refrigerator, weathered inside lighting illuminates the inside since it sheds light on every corner of your fridge. Additionally, you can adjust the temperature in the freezer by its own electronic temperature control system.

For keeping food items in the refrigerator, you have got shelving to the door for keeping drinks and drinks. Additionally, a toaster shelf lets you maintain a gallon of milk without even giving up inside shelf space. The observable dairy bin will let you maintain the milk things like butter and things in an organized fashion.

Additionally, the crisper drawers, which can be two in the quantity, permit you to maintain the vegetables and fruits individually in a humidity-controlled setting to your food things won’t go wrong. Both racks, that can be over it, provide more space for keeping additional food items. The freezer includes an individual framework and two-door shelves, which provide a broad area to place frozen food items or ice cream.

This refrigerator was created so everything is within an arm’s reach, making it ADA Compliant so that handicapped individuals may also utilize this refrigerator free of difficulty.

Cleaning & maintenance: The cleanup of the refrigerator is mandatory for preserving its own performance. To maintain the racks clean up them after a few times, or in case you spill something, you are going to need to wash it with a moist cloth and dry it completely, so there is no safety threat. For cleaning up the exterior, just use a dry cloth to wash the dust which attaches itself to the refrigerator. What is more, it includes an automatic defrosting system that produces the cleanup a cinch.

  • Humidity-controlled crisper drawers
  • Automatic defrost system
  • Electronic temperature controller
  • Many of shelves
  • Full-width wire freezer shelf
  • Easy to clean and utilize
  • No ice maker

#4 – Whirlpool 18.5 cu. ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator


The Whirlpool 18.5 cubic foot Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator makes it convenient to achieve for frozen goods as well as the interior shelves are helpful at keeping things organized.

Whirlpool has been making refrigerators since 1955, and it is among those best-known brands in the entire world. This easy, but strong refrigerator provides spill-proof glass shelves, a spacious interior, an ice maker in the freezer, along with humidity-controlled bins. There’s absolutely no water dispenser.

It’s the timeless refrigerator appearance, except the freezer is on the bottom instead of the top. The fridge steps 29.63 by 67 by 33.38 inches, so step carefully. Inside, you will find four fresh-food closets, six door bins, and 2 freezer shelves for storage. Whirpool’s refrigerator also got the Energy Star seal of approval, therefore it will not consume much power.

The 1 drawback to some bottom-freezer refrigerator is that individuals who have difficulty bending might find it hard to get their suspended goods. Bear in mind how many times you reach for frozen vegetables, ice hockey, or pints of ice cream prior to committing to some bottom-freezer refrigerator.

Multiple professional reviewers highly suggest the Whirlpool 18.5 cu. Ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator in Stainless Steel because of its sturdy construction and higher functionality.

#5 – GE Appliances – GTS21FSKSS

GE Mini Fridge With Freezer | 3.1 Cubic Ft. | Double-Door Design With Glass Shelves, Crisper Drawer & Spacious Freezer | Small Refrigerator Perfect for the Garage, Dorm Room, or Bedroom | Black
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: Interior fridge door features storage for tall bottles and a built-in can rack, freeing up shelf space and ensuring your favorite beverages are always in reach
  • AMPLE ROOM: Spacious, 3.1 cu. ft. refrigerator includes two glass shelves, door storage and a clear crisper drawer for produce; a true freezer, the roomy .93 cu. ft. freezer compartment is big enough for an ice tray, boxed meals and other frozen items
  • SPACE SAVING: Recessed handles for both the freezer and refrigerator make for a clean aesthetic and a compact profile
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION: The durability-tested compressor has been tested for extremes to deliver a reliable performance
  • EASY CARE - Partial Automatic Defrost allows the fresh foods section to stay frost-free while the freezer requires a manual defrost

Last update on 2023-04-30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Highlighted Features

  • Spill-proof shelves
  • Gallon door storage
  • LED interior lighting
  • ADA Compliant
  • UL Certification

This GE refrigerator includes a sleek stainless steel design that’s UL Certified. Plus it’s sufficient shelving space to put different food items.

Construction: 32-inches GE Appliances freestanding refrigerator with a freezer top has a entire potential of 20.8 cubic feet including the 5.4 cubic feet of freezer capacity. It’s a reversible door attribute, frost-free defrost alternative, ADA compliance, and UL certificate. Additionally, it’s 2 glass shelves which are spill-proof, adjustable glass freezer shelves, gallon door storage, dairy bin, and LED interior lighting.

Function: The slick design of this fridge with its stainless steel colour looks stunning. Additionally, the storage capability it provides increases the convenience of organizing food things. It’s adjustable spill-proof shelves in the refrigerator so it’s possible to set them according to the amount of things which have to be stored. In the same way, there’s an adjustable glass freezer as well that helps you to store and arrange the frozen food things conveniently. There’s a dairy bin accessible too for keeping dairy items like cream, cheese, butter, vanilla, etc..

The gallon door helps you to save big and tiny items conveniently. In reality, it saves the shelf up space by accommodating larger objects so the shelves may be used for storing different things. The LED interior lighting in the refrigerator lights up when the refrigerator is opened so it is simple to observe the things and manage them easily.

Cleaning and maintenance: The frost-free characteristic makes the cleaning easier. Additionally, the spill-proof shelves contain the spills for simple removal. On the other hand, the cleaning of the fridge has to be achieved on a regular basis for maintaining performance and quality.

  • Elegant yet sleek, modern layout
  • Adequate storage
  • Safe use
  • Keep the things fresh
  • Simple to clean and use
  • No ice maker

Best Refrigerator Under 1500 in 2020

Buying Guide

Kinds of Refrigerator

There are a whole lot of kinds of refrigerators, but here we will examine some of the most frequent types offered in the marketplace.

Top Freezer Refrigerator

From each one the various sorts, this one is the most widely used type. This fridge has a freezer compartment in the top side and new food compartment in the base. The fresh food compartment is comparatively twice bigger than the freezer .

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

This kind is only the reverse of Top Freezer Refrigerators since its deep freezer compartment is in the base and fresh food compartment is in the top side. The size ratio of pockets is just like the preceding one. Only the freezer compartment differs and open like a drawer.

Side by side

This kind is exceptional and has doors on either side. 1 size includes a freezer compartment, along with another one includes a fresh food compartment. This is for all those who desired to have additional space to your freezer compartment. Since both doorways are parallel so that distances on shelves are also less. It’ll be tricky to put massive things in it. So consider this variable before buying this fridge.

French Door Refrigerator

This kind is the combination of side by side fridge and underside refrigerator. The top side of the refrigerator contains two side by side doors, and in the lower side, there’s a freezer . These refrigerators are getting popular because of the increase in need in the industry.

Compact Refrigerator

These are conventional refrigerators having a streamlined layout. These grills would be most suited to smaller places where it isn’t applicable to place a full-sized refrigerator. These compact refrigerators may be utilized in hotels, officesand apartments, compact apartment motels etc..

Things To Search For When Buying A Refrigerator

If your fridge just expired, odds are that you are in a rush to replace it. If you’re looking for a new or replacement fridge, consider the following topics carefully before purchase.

Food Preservation

Nobody wants to spend thousands or hundreds of dollars on a fridge that can not keep your food cold. Preserving your meals is the most important aspect of our fridge testing approach; we collect temperature information in the refrigerator and freezer, and humidity information in the bean bin to be certain every refrigerator can reach and maintain humidity and temperatures worth best suited to keeping your food fresh. If you are out shopping for a fridge in a shop, make sure you ask the sales associate concerning the refrigerator’s cooling skills. Moreover, you may look through our fridge reviews and our fridge roundups to determine that which refrigerators did the best in regards to maintaining the proper atmosphere for your cold meals and drinks.

Your Refrigerator Cutout

If you are replacing a refrigerator with an extremely specific cutout (generally surrounded by countertops or cabinetry), quantify your cutout attentively –it is not unheard of for consumers to purchase a gorgeous brand new refrigerator, just to have to return it as it’s too big for your cutout. Assess the height, width, and thickness of the cutout several occasions, then make certain to leave one to two inches between the top of the refrigerator and above-fridge cabinetry, in addition to a few inches between the back of the refrigerator and the wall. Leaving those additional inches behind the fridge is particularly beneficial for the refrigerator’s air flow.

Finally, when looking at the thickness of your cutout, make sure you account for the depths of their refrigerator doors. In case the space your refrigerator sticks out from the cabinetry isn’t quite as broad as the depth of the fridge doors, then you may be unable to open the refrigerator doors all of the way.

Counter-Depth vs. Not Counter-Depth

The expression”counter-depth” identifies the thickness of your refrigerator –especially, how much it sticks out beyond your cabinetry. The normal depth for a routine, non-counter-depth refrigerator is normally approximately 30 inches. If your refrigerator is surrounded by cabinets, it probably sticks out everywhere from four to six inches. This will not bother most people, but in case you have space constraints or stylistic tastes that are inclined towards a fridge using a shallower profile, you may want to have a peek at counter-depth fridges.

While there is no standard thickness measurement for counter-depth fridges (it mostly depends upon the maker ), they may be up to 6 inches shallower than their non-counter-depth counterparts. But you shed interior storage area as a consequence of this shallower refrigerator profile. Prior to buying a counter-depth refrigerator, make confident the diameter of your refrigerator cutout is really wide enough to encourage the full opening of these doors; if refrigerators have a shallower depth, there is an increased probability that the rear of the fridge door(s) will strike on the cabinetry until it can completely open.

An additional thing to consider: A counter-depth refrigerator may be more expensive than its own non-counter-depth counterpart since the manufacturer might need to do some creative rearrangement of the interior pockets and storage components.

Through-Door Water and Ice Dispensers

If you’re looking for through-door water and ice heaters, make sure you take a look at the amount of ice types out there in that refrigerator –if you are an ice connoisseur, you might want more than simply cubed icehockey. Additional nice choices include crushed ice and cylindrical icehockey. Furthermore, a number of the more expensive refrigerators possess added dispensing options, including hot water heaters or even a built-in Keurig pod coffee maker.

In place of all through-door water dispensing, a few fridges offer you built-in water pitchers that match mechanically or interior water heaters, in addition to interior ice manufacturers.

Storage Options

The most elementary storage choices include built-in closets in the refrigerator, two or one crisper bins, and a few shelving choices on the refrigerator’s doors. If it comes to additional storage, even however, the options are infinite. In addition to moving shelves into various heights in the fridge, some shelves may reverse up or down; a few door bins may slide and enlarge.

A few fridges have door-in-door storage, which lets you get popular refrigerator items without opening the entire refrigerator door. French door fridges frequently have the most additional storage choices, including an excess drawer, temperature-controlled deli/pantry drawers which could be set for particular refrigerator temperatures, pocket storage in the base of the refrigerator which make for simple accessibility for children, or even a fourth compartment/drawer which may be set to refrigerator or freezer temperatures.


If the prospect of using less energy and water is appealing for you, consider the Energy Star rating to get a fridge to get an notion about exactly what your utility bills may seem like. Normally, the more complex your refrigerator (in features and layout ), the more energy it uses. In our experience, it is not a good deal more than the more fundamental fridges, but it can accumulate over time. Only you can decide whether the extra convenience is well worth the increase in running costs.

Fit and Finish

While white and black refrigerators finishes continue to be accessible, most refrigerators nowadays arrive in some form of stainless steel choices. You ought to be able to find a fridge that fits with your kitchen installation as well as your appliances, but you should be prepared to pay more income for virtually any finish more complicated than black, white, white, or fundamental stainless steel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Kind Of Refrigerator Has The Most Freezer Space?

The top-freezer grills are inclined to provide more space than many others as their widths vary between 28 and 33 inches. Therefore you will put ice cube trays, frozen foods, and tons of different things very comfortably.

How Long Can Refrigerators Last?

According to the 23rd annual portrait of this U.S. blower business, a normal fridge lasts approximately 10 to 18 decades, obtaining a normal life expectancy of 14 decades. People that are streamlined, that has significantly less life expectancy ranging from 4 to 12 decades, and also the typical they could survive is to get approximately eight years.

Are underside mount fridges better?

A top mount is also a better alternative if you use your freezer regularly. If you’d like to cook using fresher ingredients, then mostly use your freezer to acquire longer-term storage, then a foundation mount fridge could be your style. It’s possible to receive all of your everyday things without bending over.


Here is the listing of the Best refrigerator under 1500$. You may purchase them from the links we have provided you. Please consider it isn’t a graded list, we are not comparing any fridge because each product has different specifications and price. Comparing them will probably be futile and worthless. I hope you’ll find this listing information as well as leading. Please let us know if you find any errors in the report.

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