Smeg Refrigerators Reviews

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Throwing back into the times of Marilyn Monroe and Rock-Ola Jukeboxes, Smeg fridges mix 50s allure and sleek Italian fashion. With alluring minimalist layout, high-profile collaborations with lifestyle brands, and also a little Hollywood assistance, Smeg is presently among the most adored and sought-after titles in appliances. Their curved sides, thick metal grips, and bright, vibrant bodies may make you wish to dim the lights.

Founded in Italy in 1948, Smeg takes its title from Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla. The newest is best known for its”retro” refrigerators, but their success has inspired them to introduce wider-range of smart products from coffee machines to both fireplaces and faucets.

We’ll present a number of our reviews on SMEG refrigerators, in addition to numerous online client reviews.

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Smeg Refrigerators Reviews

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SMEG Refrigerators — Beauty Or Something More?

Now, this isn’t something we could claim for all of the versions, and all of the refrigerators, but almost every review on the Internet is unanimous: do not purchase a SMEG refrigerator.

In our opinon, SMEG refrigerators are good to check at, but much less good to keep your meals in them.
To start with, they’re definitely not cheap. They provide retro design refrigerator-freezers and you’d expect to observe a mix of old school resembles contemporary finish and colours that should definitely make an impression in your kitchen.

You will probably be disappointed, since the cost does not seem to be a representative of their caliber in this specific case. These vibrant colors should provide you a better feeling of happiness if you enter into the kitchen.

After a time, your happiness disappears. Some models provide a little storage space using a compartment instead of a true freezer. And of course more energy than you can imagine with this kind of little storage space.

Some state SMEG refrigerators are created for the European method of life — buying food to another 24-48 hours, since they definitely do not have sufficient distance for superstore buying habits in the USA.

When problems with your fridge begin appearing, you’d think that the fix service are the reply to all your troubles. However, you would be quite erroneous. The agency proved to be bad with costly components and incredibly late technicians.

A lot of people report problems with the door seals. And the bigger problem is you can not replace only the door seals, so you need to replace the entire door that is a fairly expensive replacement. In these versions in which the seals do operate, they’re too powerful so the door will not open by themselves.

That usually would not be a problem, however in this event the entire fridge rocks and shakes once you start it. What’s more, while it looks good on the exterior, the rubbers aren’t good in any respect, along with the interior vinyl is of inferior quality and is falling apart.

All in all, SMEG refrigerators are good to check at, but much less good to keep your meals in them. They are typically overpriced, and provide lower quality on the inside than what they seem to be offering on the exterior. If something breaks, it requires a whole lot of money to fix it, using costly components and very low excellent support.

About SMEG Refrigerators

SMEG has a vast selection of different refrigerators for your house. When browsing the products you will see all of the contemporary choices, including the popular stainless steel fridges.

Smeg Refrigerator

A number of SMEG’s most well-known products are their decorative range. Inspired by the style of the 50s these fridges are now iconic, with curved edges and a much more fundamental feel they’re famous around the planet.

SMEG also produce professional art fridges. These include exceptional mosaic designs and change a kitchen appliance into something more, a centrepiece to your kitchen, and is a terrific way to revive your kitchen!

Past the design choices you will have the ability to customise your fridge to your house. Select your:

● Shade – Choose from classic black or white, to pink or pale green.

● Size – Available in a variety of sizes to suit your space.

● Proportions – Distinct versions allow for distinct refrigerator / freezer ratio to match your own needs.

● Doors – Customise your grips and select from a proper opening or left opening door.

● Art – Custom artwork could be implemented to certain fridges.

SMEG fridges might be retro but they include the contemporary fittings. They are energy efficient and possess all the features you’d expect from a contemporary refrigerator, making them useful and stylish.
Smeg Refrigerator Reviews

SMEG have set themselves apart in their assortment of layouts. They provide more innovative style in fridge compared to every other manufacturers if you are following a contemporary refrigerator or a traditional old school layout, they have got you covered.

SMEG reveal they understand the significance of a fridge to your property. They need it to perform more than simply function, they need it to include something and stand out. The design options combined with the design features make them useful to almost any home.

SMEG Refrigerator Designs

Smeg Refrigerator
Smeg Refrigerator


FAB5ULO Mini: Single door (H x W x D) 28 9/64″ x 15 57/64″ x 22 3/64″
MiniFABWeighing in at 65lbs and sporting a balcony shelf, bottle shelf, and 2 adjustable interior shelves, this daring and iconic slice, combines 50s design with contemporary innovation. To get a refrigerator that is less than three feet tall, so you will have a lot of space to keep your favourite drinks and snacks as cool as a pair of Ray Bans sunglasses. Using its ultra-low sound level, it is the ideal pick for offices, dorms, home bars, and family rooms. Prices vary approximately $1,000.

Routine: Single doorway. Freezer compartment inside. Ability: 9.22 cu. Ft. 571/2″ x 23⅝” x 271/2″ – Also called FAB28 versions
RegularFABThink you may require slightly bit more space? The selection of FAB28 refrigerators provides considerably more room and can include directly or left-hand hinges. They are very easy to clean as a result of their soft rounded lines as well as also the automatic defrost – a helpful attribute that possibly saves a great deal of time. This one-door fridge provides ample storage and adjustable shelves, racks, bins, and also a convenient icebox. Prices vary approximately $2,000.

Tall: Bottom freezer. Ability: 11.7 cu. ft. (hxwxd) 75 13/16″ x 23 39/64″ x 26 41/64″
MiniFABNot only is that a statement bit, but in addition, it provides excellent refrigerating abilities. The tallest Smeg includes roughly ten times the ability of this Mini. It sports adjustable shelves, along with a pull-down flap compartment, which permits you to arrange your meals and drinks perfectly. Inside the freezer is a Fast-Freezing compartment, which permits you to quickly chill drinks or suspend fresh food at the touch of a button. Prices range approximately $3,000.

How many colours?

The exceptional design could be coordinated with other Smeg products such as dishwashers and washing using the exact same 50’s aesthetic. The massive assortment of available colours enables the kitchen personalization according to fit personal tastes.
There are 16 color choices in complete: Black, Blue, Cream, Lime Green, Orange, Pastel Blue, Pastel Green, Pink, Red, Silver, Stainless Steel, White, and Yellow. You can also get a refrigerator with all the flag, Union Jack, or US Flag.

Smeg Refrigerators are not built to last

Smeg established the Fab line of fridges in 1997, and they are retro in every sense of this term.

Though Smeg’s Fab line started with their iconic fridges, most appliance specialists and long-term Smeg owners concur that Fab fridges just can not compare to the best refrigerator versions available on the market in terms of functionality and durability. “I really like the appearance, but not the functionality of the refrigerators,” states Cindy Bailen, Reviewed’s editor for major appliances and home design.

The Fab 32 bottom-freezer refrigerator, that comes in a selection of striking pastels, has been plagued with performance problems. About the Autralian review site, users complain of their refrigerator’s flimsy plastic components, inadequate temperature regulation, and higher repair costs. “It never maintained a consistent temperature, it escapes frost on the top of this lower door seal so that you see black mold when you open the refrigerator –it is ordinary all around,” writes owner.

Smeg’s flag-printed fridges are daring and covetable, using a high price point to match.

Many also mention that the freezer is not no-frost, meaning it needs to be thawed every couple of months to keep it in usable form. Plus it merely has an 11.7-cubic-foot interior. For the identical cost, you can get our treasured French-door refrigerator with a 28.6-cubic-foot-interior–more than double the space!

If you are wealthy enough to pay for a refrigerator that simply sits there and looks fairly, Smeg may be for you–however if you want a multi-functional appliance which can serve you and your loved ones for decades, you would be a lot better off using one of our top-tested fridges.

Smeg Refrigerators Review on Youtube


Why are Smeg refrigerators almost any good?

Fridges. Smeg has a reputation as a luxury brand, however, it does not always provide bang for your dollar. Its own fridges are priced in the very top end of the Marketplace, but they are made by Precisely the Same firm that produces Beko fridges, which fall in the lower end of the Purchase Price scale and Frequently don’t work well in our tests

What’s special about Smeg refrigerator?

Smeg is an Italian manufacturer synonymous with high-quality, fashionable, and architecturally constructed products, to match the modern home. Smeg fridges can be found in course A+ and A++, and use around 25 percent less energy compared to category A equivalents.

Where are Smeg refrigerators made?

Smeg is a Italian home appliance maker located in Guastalla, near Reggio Emilia in the north of the nation

Is SMEG a luxury brand?

Smeg is quite like Miele, focusing on European background and fashion. It’s lavish and uses this to reinforce the belief of high quality. Smeg says on its site that it is a worldwide brand but additionally leverages its Italian background, citing 65 decades of fire.


Basically, do not purchase a SMEG fridge if you don’t absolutely need to. Read the reviews online and look for all of the available websites on the Internet. You’ll find that most of people can not be wrong when saying the exact same thing concerning the SMEG refrigerators.

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